'Minecraft' Add-on Helps you Learn Programming while you Play

Programming languages can be difficult to learn, especially if you're a kid who prefers playing games rather than making them. ThoughtSTEM has the solution to make coding fun and accessible. Its upcoming LearnToMod software teaches you how to write JavaScript code by creating Minecraft mods that are appropriate to your current level of skill. If you're new to the game with Minecraft, you can make blocks of code that create simple, yet fun features, such as a bow that shoots teleporters. Minecraft servers Advanced students, however can write their code in raw JavaScript and create content that you would never have thought was possible in Minecraft's cuboid universe, like Tetris's mini-game.

In case the gameplay isn't enough, there are plenty of motivators included in the system. There are more than 100 lessons with video tutorials, badges for accomplishing certain tasks and private servers that let you show projects to your friends. You can even earn credit at the University of California in San Diego, if you're pursuing a programming degree. While only 150 students are testing LearnToMod but you can buy it at a discounted price of $30 before the launch in October. This is a good deal if you're looking to get your feet on the ground.

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'Minecraft' add-on helps you learn programming while you play

Created: 03/09/2022 07:43:21
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