This Minecraft Update was Completely Thought of By AI

Minecraft updates are normally an exciting time for players, but this one was actually created entirely by artificial intelligence. This isn't the first time that we've witnessed AI being used to play about with the sandbox game but this is the first time that AI has been employed to create thrilling - and game-changing - new features instead.

SystemZee, who you may recall from their fantastic ocean design, decided it was funny to allow an AI design an update that they and their team would implement. Things get a lot more crazy after the initial suggestion (below) regarding a crafting table.

If a wishing well which provides players with an unspecified item when they throw in an emerald but our favorite is the Lava Bow - which shoots an bow that releases lava blocks. While this may sound fun, it's effectively a game-ending weapon that can accidentally decimate an entire area - and also your PC - in minutes. It is pretty though. We all want to touch lava, do you not?

Oh And Minecraft: World Domination is the title of the update. Don't think about that for too long, as it's not a Freudian slip and more of a declaration of intent, just as the AI created that one too. This name is in line with some of the more risky and alarming new features of this fake update. Your toaster might be plotting against you if it looks at you in a funny way.

Created: 04/09/2022 21:25:10
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