How Effective Is a Hair Transplant Procedure?

The hair transplant procedure is definitely very effective in terms of permanent and natural looking outcomes. With hair transplant you can achieve 100% natural looking results. Hair transplant is so far the best treatment option to treat baldness or hair thinning.

How Does the Combine Procedure Work?

In Combine technique, both FUT and FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi techniques are performed together in a single session. Performing with this approach would provide the higher yield of hair density and varying selection of the hair roots for the better aesthetic results.

What Does the Hair Transplant Cost Exactly in Delhi?

Determining the exact Cost of the Hair Transplant in Delhi is quite difficult as individual cases are different and so is the cost. The cost of the hair transplant would vary as per the situation of baldness of each patient. The average cost of the hair transplant in Delhi would be around 50,000 to 400,000 INR.

What Is the Success Rate of Panacea Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

The hair transplant success rate in India is almost 100% but is very subjective. The success rate of hair transplant depends on the credentials of the surgeon and the quality of the clinic chosen for the procedure.

What Are the Necessary Things Before the Procedure?

The most crucial thing to be kept in mind before going for a hair transplant procedure is the selection of the clinic and the performing doctor.

How to Choose a Hair Transplant in Delhi?

You can go online to select a few best hair transplant doctors practicing in the city and then you can choose the best after booking a consultation with the best ones as per your personal opinion.

Is It Possible to Meet the Surgeon Before the Procedure at The Panacea Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi?

Definitely! It is very important to know your surgeon before undergoing such a precise procedure. We understand your concern as your hair is a very valuable asset. So you can definitely meet Dr Praful Wadhwa before making a choice to undergo hair transplant at Panacea hair transplant clinic.

How Far Is the Panacea Delhi Hair Transplant Clinic from the Airport?

Panacea hair transplant clinic in Delhi is around 13 kms away from the Delhi airport which is quite commutable with public and private transport.

Why Is Panacea Delhi a Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

  1. Every year, we successfully treat hundreds of patients with hair transplants and are one of the best clinics in the world.
  2. Our chief is a gem surgeon named Dr. Praful Wadhwa whose goal is to provide each patient the finest care possible. He conducts every hair transplant by himself (surgical and aesthetic part) in order to achieve perfection.
  3. Panacea provides our patients with the best amenities for a pleasant hair transplant procedure.
  4. We have the most skilled and effective team of hair transplant specialists.
  5. We are glad to inform you that, since 2005, we have treated more than 10,000 satisfied patients and have earned the reputation of being a celebrity’s go-to clinic, all while keeping our prices very reasonable.

Visit the Panacea Global Hair Clinic for the best hair transplant in Delhi.

At PGHS, only the hair transplant surgeon himself will be in charge of the hair transplant procedure, unlike most hair transplant clinics in Delhi. Being a leader in this field, we offer a wide variety of hair loss treatments and use the world's most refined technique to treat our patients, helping them restore their lost vitality and youthfulness. PGHS has fulfilled the hair graft needs of over 2,50,000 patients worldwide, including many famous Indian and International celebrities, namely Govinda, RJ Siddharth Kannan, Rohit Roy, and almost the entire Indian Hockey team led by R Sreejesh, etc.

Get in touch with us now for the best hair transplant cost in Delhi. Book your personalized consultation online or call us at +91-850-696-2222.


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