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Kerala home design is distinct and individualistic. It evolved over centuries to fit the region's hot and humid climate.

Dark wood is a key element in traditional Kerala-style decor. home interior design Indeed, most furniture found within these homes is made from solid wood.

Double floor design

Double floor designs are an excellent option for homeowners looking to expand their living area. Not only do they provide more storage, but they're simpler to maintain than single-story homes as well. But before you make any decisions about which style of house best suits your lifestyle, be sure to select the correct type first.

When building a new home, it's essential to consult with an interior designer so the design meets your requirements. The most effective way to locate a qualified designer is by seeking recommendations and browsing their portfolios.

Kerala house design utilizes the principles of feng shui and vernacular architecture to blend traditional and modern elements. It boasts large windows that bring natural light into the home, giving off an air of informality.

Kerala-style house design also includes a dining space that serves as the centerpiece for guests. This area features wooden ceiling details and warm color combinations for an authentic charm.

Kerala-style homes typically feature cast-in niches carved into the wall for storage of crockery. These cabinets are compact and functional, making them ideal for homes with limited space requirements.

A double floor house design is an ideal solution for those seeking to expand their living area without breaking the bank. It provides more storage space and can be decorated in a range of styles to suit your personal taste.

If you're contemplating building a double floor house, it is essential to hire experienced builders. They will guarantee the work is done correctly and your home will be safe and secure during construction.

Additionally, you should sketch out the layout of your home. This will enable you to determine how the space should be organized and which furniture pieces go where.

In addition to your house layout, you must also decide the colors and decor. Doing this allows you to achieve a unified aesthetic that complements both your style and budget.

Interior designers can craft a beautiful space that fits your lifestyle and budget, as well as help make your home unique and special.

Bay windows

Bay windows are an excellent way to bring a touch of Kerala style into your home interior design. Additionally, they're highly versatile and can be utilized for various purposes such as improving the appearance, increasing natural light, creating additional square footage, or even increasing resale value.

When selecting windows for homes and apartments, it's essential to comprehend their advantages and drawbacks before making a final decision. Popular styles include uPVC bay windows and slider windows; each offers their own distinct benefits and drawbacks.

Slider windows are an ideal choice for apartments as they open sideways, allowing you to access your balcony without needing to build an extra wall or open your door. Plus, these economical windows require little upkeep and maintenance compared to other window types, plus they're simple to fix when something goes wrong.

Slider windows are cost-effective, plus they provide excellent air circulation in homes with high ceilings. Furthermore, these versatile windows can be used in a variety of rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Another popular luxury commercial interior design window type in home interior design Kerala is the bow window. These arched-shaped casement windows have all of the benefits of a bay window and can be used in bathrooms, basements, bar units or open kitchens alike.

Bow windows are an ideal choice for homes due to the generous space they provide. They can comfortably fit a large sofa or couch and create an ideal reading nook or greenhouse area with indoor plants.

Selecting the ideal window treatment for your bay window can be a bit of a challenge. You want to ensure that as much light as possible is let in while creating an inviting backdrop for any furniture placed before it.

Create a stylish atmosphere in your home with either curved curtain poles or two pairs of large, simple curtains. Be sure to match the window treatments to other aspects such as furniture, floors and walls in your room for an aesthetically pleasing effect. If you want a more dramatic look, consider using fabric patterns on patterned fabrics.

Wooden furnishings

One of the best ways to add a rustic charm to your home is through wooden furnishings. These pieces come in various wood types such as mahogany, sheesham, teak and mango; adding them will give your space an inviting atmosphere.

Home interior designers in Kerala recommend that when selecting furniture for a space, it should not look too bulky or dull but still has an eye-catching appeal.

Wood not only looks lovely, interior design company in dubai but it also blends in perfectly with other elements in your home. For instance, using it in a bedroom can create an intimate ambiance. Or you could incorporate it into your dining room to bring an elegant touch to the space.

Wood cabinets in your kitchen can add a rustic charm. Paint them with either natural colors or monochromatic shades to suit your aesthetic.

Another way to bring nature into your home is by creating a miniature indoor garden. This is an excellent idea for apartments with limited space as plants like orange, fiddle fig leaf, ficus alii, fishtail palm and Areca palm can be placed inside your apartment to create an ambiance of serenity and calm.

In addition to adding plants to your apartment, you can also adorn the walls with mosaic tiles. These are easy to install and look incredible.

Furthermore, ceramic tiles are both architecture house design affordable and long-lasting. You can easily upgrade your old tiles with new ones without breaking the bank.

If you're on a budget, why not repurpose your existing furniture? Just paint them different colors to add an eye-catching accent to your home.

Old garden benches can easily be transformed into extra seating for your home. Not only does this save money, but it creates an interesting space that brings nature indoors; plus, decorating with them is one of the simplest methods available!

Well-ventilated spaces

Kerala's home interior design style stands out due to its emphasis on creating well-ventilated spaces. Many houses here feature large open courtyards which promote natural ventilation and provide ample lighting throughout the rooms.

Wood plays a prominent role in this design, helping to create an inviting atmosphere of warmth and relaxation in the space. Additionally, the state is renowned for its skilled artisans who craft beautiful pieces of furniture out of local woods.

Another essential element of home interior design in Kerala is symmetry and proportion. Columns, arches, and intricate ceiling patterns all work to create an ambiance of calmness and serenity in the home.

Another https://www.v-vitkovskaya.com/ element contributing to a well-ventilated Kerala house is large windows and doors that let natural light in, allowing air circulation throughout the space for an airy feeling. This helps make a room appear bright and spacious.

Traditional Kerala houses typically feature sloped roofs to protect interiors from rain and heat. This is especially important due to the humid climate in the area and heavy monsoon season. Furthermore, these homes prevent walls from coming in direct contact with rainwater which could lead to dampness or mold growth.

Traditional Kerala houses feature sloping roofs to maximize airflow. Wooden jalis, two-panel casement windows and other fenestrations were strategically placed for maximum ventilation.

These buildings typically feature a sloping roof and are constructed out of local laterite stone or wood, providing both outstanding durability and environmental friendliness.

One way to improve ventilation in a home is by installing an indoor garden. This could be achieved by creating gravel flooring leading to a small seating area or adding a conversation pit with removable cane furniture.

Decors such as these can make any space feel cozier and inviting. Additionally, they're an excellent way to bring a touch of traditional culture into the home.

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