CAA Super Advanced MCK Upgrade Kit

Breakthrough with the official Super Advanced Upgrade Kit by CAA USA. This Super Advanced Upgrade Kit is designed for and fits the latest Micro Roni Kit – the Micro Conversion Kit (MCK) GEN1 and GEN2. 

With all products included in the Super Advanced Upgrade Kit, you can now upgrade your Gen1 and Gen2 MCK into a Super Advanced MCK. 


CAA Super Advanced MCK Upgrade Kit

The Super Advanced Upgrade Kit includes:

  • MCK MRD Crimson Trace Red Dot Sight
  • MCK Glass Breaker
  • Polymer-pair side rail thumb rests (MCKTHR)
  • Push-button sling swivel (MCKPBSS)
  • One point sling (MCKOPS)
  • Flashlight that fits MCK & Micro Roni 17 / 19 chassis (MCKFL) 
  • Polymer front flip-up sight (MCKFBUS),
  • Polymer front rear-up sight (MCKRBUS)

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