Crown Lifting Services Manchester

Crown lifting is a pruning technique that removes the lowest branches and increases light transmission under the crown. The process widens the clearance space between the ground level and lower branches, both making the tree more accessible and improving light and views.

Our Approach

Our fully qualified and trained professionals always follow best practice guidance to ensure the correct steps are taken for each tree.

We avoid the removal of large branches growing directly from the trunk, as this can cause large wounds and damage the biomechanical stability of the tree. When carrying out crown lifting, our ultimate goal is to create a lower trunk thats free of branches, in order to let in more light and improve accessibility and views.

At roots and shoots we offer a crown lifting service in Manchester. Crown lifting is a process of removing lower branches in order to raise the height of the crown in relation to the base of the tree.

Before carrying out crown lifting a proper assessment needs to be carried out. The visual inspection of the tree is important so we can balance the crown of the tree and keep the root plate stable.

The process of tree crown lifting starts with the minor branches and has to be carefully done so to avoid ripping down the bark. We cut below the branch and then above in a step cut fashion, then we finish off the cut in accordance with BS3998.

In regard with larger branches greater care and consideration is needed when doing tree crown lifting. Step cuts are what is required initially to avoid damaging the tree. When we do crown lifting we do it in such a way that keeps the tree healthy and avoids decay.

The Benefits:

Crown lifting is an effective method for increasing light around the lower branches.

By removing foliage from this section, you can prevent branches obscuring low level signage and avoid them affecting buildings, traffic and pathways. This pruning technique also allows more light and opens up more desirable views.

There are different types of tree crowns.

Dominant crowns where the plants below are not able to get sufficient light to grow in a normal fashion. Tree crown lifting will help provide more sunlight to pass through the canopy and encourage better growth from surrounding vegetation.

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