Emergency Tree Removal

An emergency tree removal service is required to remove the risk and ensure a safe environment if a tree poses an immediate obstruction or danger. Roots Shoots are skilled in all aspects of tree maintenance and efficient 24 7 services at reasonable pricing. Get in touch with us.

If a tree poses an immediate obstruction or danger, emergency tree services are required to remove the risk and ensure a safe environment. If trees have fallen, or a tree has been identified as a high risk, then we will carry out emergency tree services as short notice.

Our Approach

Roots Shoots are skilled in all aspects of tree maintenance and removal.

If a tree has fallen, caused an obstruction or has become weak and hazardous, then well attend the site urgently to assess the best course of action. Our phone lines are available 24 hours a day, so if you have an emergency situation, get in touch and we will effectively resolve the issue.

Emergency tree removal

The most obvious situation when this is needed is when there has been a storm and the wind has exploited a weakness in the tree. The tree has failed and requires tree removal immediately. These situations require fast action sometimes when the tree is across a main road or rail line, or it can be power or phone lines. Just this year we had a emergency tree removal. The tree was co-dominant the weak union was at the base of the tree and part of the tree had fallen onto the neighbours roof. The tree removal was interesting but challenging were we needed to remove the tree but avoid any further damage to the roof.

24 Hour Service

Its important to get dangerous trees assessed as quickly as possible and not to try to remove any large branches yourself.


If a tree has fallen and poses a threat, skilled arborists are trained to determine the best course of action. In an emergency, we can attend onsite the same day to ensure the immediate risk is removed in a safe and professional manner.

Not all tree removal needs to be emergency tree removal as in a crisis. Some tree removal can be foreseen and addressed in time. Usually this is achieved through getting a tree survey and a tree report. This can highlight what is dangerous, what needs maintenance such as dead wooding and what is good for now. Recently we worked on a dead beech tree. It over hanged a residential road and a main road. The branches were brittle and the risk was high. In this case it was an emergency tree removal, we emailed a urgent 5 day notice the council to their credit replied the same day and the job got done straightaway.

Choose Roots Shoots

In an emergency situation, we operate a 24 hour service so we can attend the site and immediate risks or threats.

If you need emergency assistance with a fallen or severely damaged tree, get in touch and we will help you manage the situation and eliminate any risks to people or property.

Tree removal at the best of times has its hazards, emergency tree removal is extremely hazardous and should never be done by anyone who isnt qualified or competent. The health and safety executive warns against DIY emergency tree removal. Tree removal is dangerous at any time and even more so when you have damaged trees to deal with.

Always use a professional when dealing with tree removal. If tree removal is something you require call 07794743952 for a free no obligation quote.

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