For most of the people, " bitcoins earned" is something like " bitcoins earned while I mined for myself" or " bitcoins earned while I was busy doing what I love". However, when you talk about bitcoins, you are talking about a specific type of digital currency that has been mined from the bitcoins software. You can think of the bitcoins as being the virtual currency that was created by bitcoins programmers as a test to produce a viable internet application. When the application was released, it became readily available to anyone with the appropriate software. This is how the bitcoins got their name.

The testing was done during the beta stage. There were no rules to follow and anyone could play the game. In order to test out the game and make sure that there were no flaws, the bitcoins were changed into regular currencies. Many of the participants in this testing were speculators and they were not aware that the value of bitcoins would raise dramatically and they would be able to convert their dollars into bitcoins. After this testing period, the bitcoins were de-mined and became a tradable currency. Because of this, many people have reported an unexpected increase in their business income as a result of the bitcoins earned while they were playing.


During the last five years, the bitcoins mining business has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The bitcoins that are awarded to winning developers in the bitcoins competition are now worth US dollars six hundred million. The Chinese government and the central banks of both China and Japan are involved in the trading of bitcoins because they want to control the circulation of the currency in the hope that the value of the cryptocurrency will increase. They are hoping that eventually, the value of the bitcoins will be more than the Chinese and Japanese governments own currencies combined.

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