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Hosting a server at your organisation comes with plenty of advantages. It allows you to take full control of the elements, software and server. Good quality Rackmount Servers also allow you to grant access to your employees and add more terminals. If you’re someone looking for an affordable and finest-quality Rackmount Server, the following press release will help you reach the best dealers. 


It's all about the independence of being your own leader! 


Have you ever thought to hold the leash of your IT department in your hands? Have you ever wondered how it feels to control who to give access to or who to decline? If not, then you must be missing the presence of a good Open Source Software Company in your business. 


Hear us out! 


Open-source software is the present and future of big and small organisations. It allows you to enjoy the freedom of access, and the ability to personalize while maintaining the licenses, vendor lock-in and restriction standards. 


If you want to work with an experienced and reputed open-source company to find efficient rackmount servers, then eRacks is your one-stop destination. The firm was founded by network design consultants and architects with 25 years of experience in setting up enterprise-level computing infrastructure. 


With a goal to create ready-to-use systems to save money, configuration time and frustration, we have come a long way. 


eRacks open-source systems include a line of rackmount servers, notebooks, and desktops and offer a broad range of services including DevOps, security, open-source enterprise migration, and network architecture services. 


we strive to return your IT department control back to you, by offering the finest best-of-breed open-source enterprise-level applications on easy-to-upgrade industry-standard hardware. We firmly believe that any business, be it small or big, shouldn’t rely on third-party open-source software retailers. 


Why us? 

The technical staff of eRacks has both experience and technical knowledge to recommend you the best and most effective enterprise-level solutions for your organisations. 


We pride ourselves in providing customers with a broad range of open-source operating systems and software to be configured in advance on the systems they buy. 


Feel free to get in touch for more details! 


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