ESL changed the price tag.

The days of paper pricing and tickets are gone. Now there is more demand for ESL technology, which is gaining acceptance in the retail market, and ESL manufacturers are receiving more demand for their products. Traditional paper-based pricing is more time-consuming, and you have relied on staff to print and accurately place labels in a timely fashion.

Elabels is the manufacturer of Electronic Shelf Labels and one of the leading brands compared to quality, features, and several improvements in the quality of life. These electronic shelf labels use electronic paper or liquid crystal paper to display information on a screen. ESL's price can be easily updated via the local network whenever necessary.

ESL electronic shelf label is the first to bring shelf labels to the Australian market. Throughout the year, Elabels has been developing more features and made several improvements to the quality of ESL. They are the leading manufacturer of electronic shelf labels worldwide.

The ESL also comes with various accessories and attachments, and the accessories are designed to make the labels compatible with a variety of retail display configurations. The patented technologies used in the system, along with attaching the labels to shelves and hooks, also safeguard them from the regular wear and tear caused in the stores.

For retailers, Digital shelf price tags are the best way to display prices on electronic products because it is very easy to update them at any time, across stores and online, using a centralised label management software. These digital shelf tags are to make it easier to reorder the product, and the tag will have a barcode to quickly scan the order information directly into the wholesaler's order system.

The price update is one of the most sustainable assets of the Electronic shelf price tags, making this display module an excellent solution for businesses that offer in-person shopping. Electronic shelf price tags allow for fast, accurate, and consistent manipulation of price and promotional strategies, making them beneficial for stores with several branches in varying locations.

Some of the features of ESL,

  • Display more information
  • Change product prices in real-time!
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Optimize inventory.
  • Give your customers an omni channel experience.

Electronic  shelf labels save enough money to pay for most systems in the first 12-18 months. We provide a world-class service to our clients, and we have sourced industry-leading products from a world-class leader in this space, with whom we have an exclusive distribution agreement in Australia. 

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