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The African elephant is a gentle giant, the earths largest land mammal and perhaps the most enduring symbol of natures grace and fragility. Family and friendship bind the herd together embracing their own spirit of Ubuntu. Africa is blessed to be a place they call home. Its said an elephant never forgets. Well never forget our roots and heritage weve worked hard to make sure you never forget the clean, crisp taste of our premium vodka.

Ubuntu I am because we are.

Kingdom Recommends pedigree was built on the creation of our very special gins, patiently distilled and lovingly created, and the same is true of our premium vodka. Working with our partner distillery we have produced a spirit with an exceptional flavor, and as with all our spirits is smooth to drink and can be enjoyed on its own over ice or with a mixer of your choice. Its all about combining the ingredients together to produce a beautifully balanced drink, giving pleasure in every sip. Our premium vodka is distilled six times to ensure we get the smooth finish and is then filtered over charcoal to enhance the flavor; we know what were doing when it comes to making great spirits and youre going to love it too. Launched in 2021 and so far this year our premium vodka won a silver award at the Peoples Choice Spirits Awards, the International Wine and Spirit Challenge, and the International Spirits Challenge, and we know these are just the first of many awards for this great product.

This vodka is made with a mixture of both wheat and barley grain and is 100% British grown, something else we are proud of. Our premium vodka UK is produced in small batches of only around 250 bottles so you are assured of quality every time we distill, no large volumes, just us and our little still making you the best premium vodka we can. Vodka is such a versatile spirit, the clean smooth taste means you can enjoy it in a variety of ways which has helped to increase its popularity over many years. Its the perfect base for a cocktail, you can find a collection of recipes on this website and if you have a favorite please share it with us via social media. And if you have five minutes please leave us a review on Trustpilot, we love to hear your views on our products and your opinions help others make up their minds as well. We are only a young company so your support in getting the word out about our lovely products means so much thank you in advance.

This year youll find us out and about spreading the word about our premium spirits around the United Kingdom, the full list of events is on the website and wed love to say hello and share a sample of our, we like to hear how you enjoy our drinks, your favorite mixers, and cocktails and how you use our spirits when cooking we are constantly surprised by our customer's creativity. Today is the day to treat yourself to a bottle of Kingdoms premium vodka, sit down, relax and sip with a glass with ice and a piece of fresh lime its the perfect start to any evening.

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