Electronic Witnessing

eWitness - How many of us have signed something online digitally only to witness electronic signature? Electronic witnessing is not something that is widely considered. Videosign has remote witnessing and virtual witnessing solutions that can save time and money for your business.
I am sure we have all at one time or another been in that situation: “Please return a signed copy signed by an independent witness. This person cannot be related to you or your business.” The only time this becomes even more fun is when that witness signature needs be from a ‘professional’. Great, now I’m knocking on doors trying to find the lawyer or doctor on my estate… 
And yes, it is easy for us to think about our inconvenience, but we should also consider the people on the other end of that contract or document.  The company whose workload is held up because Joe or Jane Blogs has taken three weeks to get a witness signature so that we can start work.  Think of the money lost waiting for that signed, witnessed document to come back, if it even comes back at all. 
There are no winners, just time wasted. Surely there is a way to implement some sort of remote witnessing solution?
From electronic signing to electronic witnessing
Great strides have been made in the world of electronic signatures, with all of us having signed something online at some time or other. It’s almost second nature. Yet the same issues remain – proving who signed. Yes, the IP address is tracked, and it’s linked to an encrypted email link etc etc but can we really be sure? How many of us have signed something online digitally only to have to then print it to witness electronic signatures?  Well what’s the point in that? 
Electronic Witnessing is not something that is widely considered as yet, with the majority of people taking the “everybody does it that way” approach, but we now have solutions ready to go that can save you and your business time, money and stress. You can use our software to witness electronic signatures and prove without doubt who signed the document. Finally, an eWitness!
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