The Transit Card provides access to transportation services; it is a ticket/pass


Transit cards, often known as a bus pass or a rail pass, are sometimes known as transit passes or travel cards. For public transportation, a transit card can be used (such as the subway or bus in the city). The card features a magnetic stripe or a chip, and it stores a prepaid value for use on public transit. With millions of cards in use for both transit fare and parking fee payment, transit smart cards are employed in transportation applications all over the world. A travel card is a type of credit card that is developed specifically for the needs of travellers. It is designed to meet the unique requirements of each individual. Transit cards provide specific incentives in the form of points or cash back that can be used to purchase items, gifts, and other discounts. A travel card also provides additional travel-related benefits.

A pass card, often known as a subway pass, commuter card, or other similar terms, is an identity card that allows a passenger of any travelling service to take an unlimited number of discounted trips or consecutive travels within a specified time period. It is used as identification for services such as cabs and buses. Transit cards can be used everywhere that a fare for a transportation service is paid, and they must be displayed at the moment of payment or, if a transfer, within a few minutes of being acquired. It aids in the identification of the individual and decreases the risk of fraud. The card includes information about the cardholder's name, residence, age, gender, contact information, and eye colour. The information is often shown on a magnetic strip on the back of the card.

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