Manifest what you want


With faith ALL things are possible. There is nothing impossible for God to perform. If you make your request made known to Him, without doubting, He'll do whatever you ask. Faith is simply believing that something is true even though your other senses say something different.

I can do instant energy transfers (via my mind alone). I can instantly energize photos and objects including buildings and this energy can be felt by sensitive persons quite profoundly. I can remotely influence other people's brainwaves and quite successfully.

24 out of 30 people have reported excellent results with their brainwaves going to the desired state within a few minutes of the remote adjustment being made.

  1. powerful manifestation requests for any desire
  2. induce a caffeine high,
  3. remove chronic pain,
  4. and headaches,
  5. induce partial euphoria,
  6. give deep relaxing sleep,
  7. induce druggie highs,
  8. make people feel like they are having a mountain top experience
  9. banish all your negativity
  10. increase business / sales / opportunities / finance / income
  11. assist studies/ success in exams
  12. re-program core mind beliefs
  13. and many more limited by your imagination/desire/intention... More info

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