We are a Colombian brand that always seeks to offer a wide variety of shoes, bags and accessories for classic, young, modern or adult women, we always seek to have the latest trends adapting it to the styles of each of them. We are also manufacturers with 11 physical branches in the city of Medellín, where we provide the work of more than 80 families, we think about every detail when designing a new style, not leaving aside the comfort that we always want to provide. We believe that variety, design, comfort and quality are always accompanied at every step. OUR HISTORY Our dream began 30 years ago with a promise “Go out and sell shoes that you are capable of” that was when Marina and Rafael decided to start a business in the city of Cúcuta, they got a roller cart to start distributing the shoes that had been given to them. request, there began the dream that grew, evolved, and expanded. After succeeding in Cúcuta they moved to Medellín to follow that dream. Branches were opening in Medellín. One day, looking for a way to give more to their customers, they decided to open a footwear factory that produces quality footwear full of dedication and love. That dream that was once small has grown year after year to become what it is today, a company proud of its roots that employs more than  50 heads of family and that thanks to Your support we continue standing.

Cra. 50 #38a-185 local 2062, Madera, Bello, Antioquia 050015, Colombia

Phone Number:
604 4441385




Opening Times:
Monday- Thursday:        10 AM–8 PM
Friday- Saturday:              10 AM–9 PM
Sunday                               11 AM–8 PM


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