Pulau Weh diving is a rivals to Raja Ampat when it comes to marine life, with dive sites that is famous around the world. Indonesia is also a country with a complex history, with culture and tradition influences, not to mention the Dutch colonial period and the brutal Indonesia War that raged from 1900 to 1965. Today, Indonesia is a country of stunning contrasts, cities with rural views, times then with a booming future.

Whether you are looking for natural riches or stunning culture, Indonesia delivers. Iboih Beach is awesome, thousands of miles of pristine coastline, and emerald rice terraces are a sight to behold in Aceh, all accompanied by a bustling city scene and truly spectacular cuisine. When it comes to diving, you will be spoiled for choice. The country may be relatively new to the sport, but it has no shortage of amazing things to see with calm, beginner-friendly waters and caves and pinnacles for more advanced divers. Enjoy islands with colorful macros and locations where you can see everything from sea turtles to whale sharks. Or enjoy Sumatra wildlife tour to meet various of wildlife including orangutan.

Pulau Weh diving is one of the most popular Indonesia’s diving destination, surrounded by diverse waterways. Pulau Weh is the largest island among 5 other island with largest population thant other. The Sumatra are home to many rivers, lakes and tributaries, which offer unique experience both Sumatra wildlife tour and diving activity. Finally, the most adventurous divers can explore the vast and largely untouched province of Aceh.

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