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ibizfone, Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is a cloud-based EPABX for businesses. ibizfone comprises of an IVR installed on a hosted platform at a remotely located server and allows businesses to access the application through a user-friendly web panel and serves as a low-cost reliable business phone system with the added advantage of scalability, flexibility, and zero capex. The interactive Voice response system is a technology which allows users to obtain information over a phone system without manual assistance, IVR receives inputs from callers by pressing of phone keys as well as voice inputs, kindly refer to the flow chart for understanding call flow and the functionalities of a hosted IVR system. Just signup or subscribed to cloud telephony based ibizfone(Hosted IVR ) service by visiting our website or by calling us on ibizfone no. 08595-08-08-08 to have your queries answered and let your customers connect you at free of cost. 

for a small business, every incoming could be potential business, through ibizfone you never miss a business call, It increases the company productivity in a case of potential customer who looks for a proper answer for his business queries, the call can be the route to locate the agent who can provide the right information. This increases productivity and enables you to manage a higher volume of calls than usual. Currently, the entire infrastructure is located at Airtel Data Center where all telephony lines and applications server are installed which provides seamless connectivity 24*7,the current infracture is designed such a way that it can attend large no of call volumes and can be scalable to ‘n’ capacity for call handlings. 
No matter what your industry, you can use the power of this solution. Some of them are Retail, Education, Food industry, finance sector, travel industry, healthcare industry, Real estate and more. A ibizfone is much easier to recall and use when you need it


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