Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber laser cutting machine for sale, also known as the metal laser cutting machine or metal laser cutter, is the laser machine adopting fiber laser source to cut steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, iron, galvanized steel, titanium and various alloys. It has wide applications in metal part, equipment, ship, and automotive manufacturing, advertising signs, sheet metal structure, kitchenware, metal furniture, custom metal fabrication, and other fields.

The advantages of using a laser cutting machine for metal include high precision, speed, and accuracy, minimal material waste, and the ability to cut complex shapes and designs. They are also ideal for producing small to medium-sized batches of metal components, as they can quickly and easily switch between different designs and materials.

Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine, also known as metal laser cutter, fiber laser cutter, is a kind of CNC metal laser cutting machine, it is characterized of high running precision & cutting speed, advanced function, thus is ideal machine for different kinds of metal fabrications. The cnc fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with IPG fiber laser of different powers from 500W to 20000W, it can be used for different profiles, including sheet metal, round pipe, square/rectangular tube, beam profile of stainless steel, carbon steel, electrical steel, galvanized steel, aluminum zinc plate, aluminum, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper, brass, iron and other metal materials with different thicknesses.

tube laser cutting machine

Metal Sheet and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Some customers need to cut both metal sheet and tube, dual-use laser cutting machine that integrates the two functions is an ideal choice. The sheet and tube integrated laser cutting machine is equipped with advanced optical fiber laser sheet cutting system and tube cutting system. Different applications of sheet and tube cutting can be switched at will and the operation is so convenient that it can easily realize one machine dual-use and create more value for customers. It has more advantages than the traditional metal cutting equipment in cutting sheet and tube. No matter for sheets of different materials and tubes of different shapes, it can carry out efficient and accurate cutting.

3d tube laser cutting machine

Metal tube laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser Metal Tube laser cutting machine is specially designed for laser cutting metal tubes, pipes, it is easy to operate. This fiber laser tube cutting machine improves cutting quality and cutting efficiency. The fiber laser cutter is widely used in sports equipment, various types of metal tubes & pipes, water pipes, oil pipelines and other industries.

Cheap Price Laser Cutting Machine

Economic Single Bed Metal Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

The entry-level laser cutting machine, really cost-effective, open-type, single platform, simple structure, convenient installation, high precision, fast speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, affordable equipment, low operating cost, it is a sheet metal processing enterprise customized product.

Medium Power Single Platform Fiber Laser Cutting Machine,with low investment and low processing cost, which saves money for the customer and improve profits as well. 

high speed laser cutting machine

Protective Cover Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

iGR-P is high end exchange table fiber laser cutting machine designed with fully protective cover. The power ranges from 6000W to 20000W. P series features for super fast exchangeable table, environmental friendly protective cover, intelligent centralized control system, automatic lubrication and intelligent zonal dust removal system.

Top-level imported parts and strict assembly process, ensuring the safe, stable, efficient and high-precision operation of the cutter.

Laser Cutting Engraving Machine For Metal With Exchange Table

The dual-worktable fiber laser cutting machine comes standard with a fast exchange platform, which is convenient for loading and unloading. The plate cutting and loading and unloading can be carried out at the same time. The processing efficiency is high, the operating cost is low, and the equipment is affordable.It is the first choice for processing and manufacturing enterprises.


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