Gamer NFT Network Launches Crypto Token With $2 Million in Seed Funding

Gaming industries revenue is forecast to reach $180.1 billion in 2021, and more than 2.5 billion people worldwide play games.  Gamer NFT Network just launched its NFT network and Crypto Token with $2 million in seed funding.


Gamer NFT Network, the first Cardano blockchain gaming platform backed by Chainlink, just announced its crypto token ($GAMERS) with $2 million in seed funding. Gamer NFT Network aims to connect multiple universes (NFT, Streaming, Exchange, Play2earn) into one platform and turning gamers into investors. “The Blockchain and video game industry is a very lucrative industry in the world. At Gamer NFT Network, we give many advantages to gamers, publishers, servers, developers, and communities. Besides they can enjoy their games, they can also purchase in-game items, buy or sell in-game items/assets with other players, trade Gaming NFT, win $Gamer token from tournaments, and turn items/games plays/titles/assets/lands into NFT. They can do it on a single platform, more secure and scalable.” said Gamer NFT Network representative. 


Gamer NFT Network is currently releasing its crypto token called $GAMERS with $2 million in seed funding. Gamers can use $GAMERS token to purchase in-game items, exchange with other cryptocurrencies and trade with other gamers. Gamer NFT Network blends three powerful industries in one platform; Esport, Blockchain, and NFT. The platform provides solutions to solve problems often faced by gamers, including: provides a platform designed for gamers in a secure environment. It also minimizes fraud and allows them to carry out various transactions across multiple gaming platforms. At Gamer NFT Network, buying or selling game assets can be done virtually without intermediaries and promptly. In this way, gamers have full control of their account/wallet and can purchase in-game items/assets from multiple platforms directly from the Gamer NFT Network. 


About Gamer NFT Network

Gamer NFT Network is the first Cardano gaming platform backed by Chainlink and combines three powerful emerging industries; Esport, Blockchain, and NFT gaming (Non-fungible tokens). Gamer NFT Network develops tools for gamers, developers, publishers, servers, and communities under one roof. Gamer NFT Network simplifies game assets transactions and allows users to manage their wallets, in-game purchases, buy/sell and trade in a single account. 


Additionally, Gamer NFT Network also released the $GAMERS token and PRIVATE SALE already LIVE NOW. Roadmap of the token release and Gamer NFT Network whitepaper as well as other information are available on the website. JOIN Gamer NFT Network NOW and get many advantages & new experiences. For more information, please visit




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