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It isn't very difficult to be a certified 'pro' when it comes to how to win the Florida lottery. Know the game like the back of your hand; grasp the procedure, Swertres Hearing and make it uncharacteristically more reachable than what usually escapes the tip of one's tongue. Easy as learning how to spin a top, and quicker than from the top of your head.

First of all, the Florida lotto is a game that you can place bets on: two times within a week. For the price of a dollar to spare, betters stand to win the total sum of bets for a particular draw; if they are able to match their betting choices with the 6 winning digits for the lotto game. This type of $1 lottery game is called, Classic Lotto, and the winning set of 6 digits is known as the lottery jackpot.

The minimum winning sum that a player can take home is $3 million (M), and reaches its maximum counterpart by the number of instances wherein the 6 winning digits, remain unmatched, as an entire set.

Now, for the price of 2 dollars to spare, players can win the game's jackpot prize with a bonus jackpot amount that totals to $10 million (M). The minimum winner's jackpot prize for this game is $13 million (M). This particular game is known as $2 Lotto Plus.

Finally, how to win the Florida lottery if you have 3 dollars to spare depends on your betting choices, and the largeness of the prize. Winning is so much better if the prize is truly big, after all. This $3 Lotto Plus has a minimum starting jackpot of $28 million (M) and the bonus jackpot that winners can have is $25 million (M). That's a big win, don't you think? It certainly is.

The how to win the Florida lottery betting procedure begins with play slip that you'll get from an authorized dealer. The play slip has 10 panels that give you 10 chances to win. Why 10 chances? You can bet 10 times.

The 2nd step is to choose if you want to play $1 Classic Lotto, $2 Lotto plus, or $3 Lotto plus. Indicate your choice on the play slip.

Choose 6 digits that you like, as your bet for the winning draw. You can choose from a set that starts from 1 and ends at 53 (1-53). If you'd like to take a true gamble, you can indicate, on the play slip, that you're betting on a quick-pick (QP) lotto combination. The retailer's lottery terminal will choose your 6 digits for you.

If you want to raise your possible winnings, you can tell the lotto dealer to play a 6 digit number combination more than once. The number of times depends on you. You can also indicate on the slip that you'd like to enter your bet under the Advance Play category.

When you've chosen your 6 digit bet or bets and the number of times you'd like your digits to be played, give your play slip and payment to the lotto dealer.

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