In some cases, alopecia treatment is covered by medical insurance, but this is dependent on the cause of your hair loss. After your consultation, we will help you understand what is and is not covered by your insurance, as well as your portion of the cost. Payment is expected at the time of your treatment appointments, and we, accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. If you are interested in financing, we accept CareCredit®, and you may be approved prior to your consultation with Dr. Hicks-Graham. This will depend on the type of treatment you receive for your hair loss. At-home products can take up to six months before you see new hair growth. Oral medications such as Finasteride may show results in as little as four months with everyday use. Also known as Alopecia, hair loss can affect any part of the body and can be caused by a range of conditions.

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Independent dermatologists consulting from ESD provide phototherapy, which is a form of ultraviolet light treatment that dermatologists are able to offer patients suffering with a variety of skin disorders.Common disorders which, can be treated include: UVB light therapy for the treatment of a host of medical conditions is well-documented, in literature. Studies show that UVB treatment is effective when used for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency, psoriasis and other conditions, but more importantly they show that it’s safe – even with prolonged use. New innovations in UVB technology, such as capturing a very narrow spectrum of light, will continue to make UVB phototherapy a go-to treatment modality for improved health outcomes for years to come. These units range from hand-held and table-top devices for spot treatment of small areas to cabinet or “walk-in” units for patients requiring full body treatment.

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Hair, like skin and nails, can reflect a person's general state of health. In primary care, I always look at the hair, skin, and nails as important elements of an assessment. This can help connect the dots in diagnosis or, when needed, indicate a referral, to a dermatologist. Beard hair is a collection of hair on the chin that frames the facial appearance and symbolizes masculinity. Compared to placebo, minoxidil was superior in enhancing beard growth, with only mild adverse effects. Statistically significant differences in global photographic scores, hair count, and patientsx02019 self-assessment from baseline with twice daily application of 0.5x000a0mL of 3% MS group were detected when compared to the placebo group.85 Hence, minoxidil was considered to be safe and beneficial for eyebrow and beard enhancement.

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