Never Buy Bitcoin Before You Read This

You might be watching Bitcoin price charts with interest or even with excitement. Perhaps, you already bought it. Or you are seriously considering it. However,
there is something you should know — never buy Bitcoin before you learn about all the potential ways of losing it first.

Given the hype and the number of people in your network already bought in, you should have heard many times, “I invested in Bitcoin and just look at me
– I bought myself a new house!” or “I just cashed out a bit and bought myself this cool car!” Have you ever heard anything like that though? Probably not.
Me neither. But you have probably heard of those who lost their Bitcoin in all kinds of crazy ways. Me too.

Why is that? Why is the price constantly going up yet pretty much no one is getting any wealthier? Well, one reason is that there is one easy way of
getting Bitcoin — namely by buying it — but there are hundreds of easy ways to lose it.

Created: 06/12/2021 17:53:58
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