On February 19th Samsung India hosted an exclusive hands-on experience of unboxing of Samsung Galaxy M31 with the perks of
interaction with none other than Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji for the Samsung Members Brand Ambassadors.

The plan was of having a day full of exciting activities, interesting discussions and exclusive Samsung unboxing and
the venue was decided as Cirrus 9, Oberoi Delhi.

It was the first time that around 30 of the BAs were going to meet and everyone was really excited for the event.

The event started with the registration and each of the BA were welcomed with the MEGA MONSTER KIT.

We had an exciting energy boosting session with Sahil Bajaj.

Then we were introduced with Meghana of M-Series Team. Each of us got the chance to express ourselves about what M-Series stands for us in life.

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