Hello everyone,,

I am buying a 55-65" TV for my living room, I would like to have regular movie nights. I don't, however,
do Blu-Rays and probably will not care about 4K for a while (going to use wifi for the television to pick
up Netflix/Amazon streams, I don't believe the wifi is strong enough in my plaster/lath constructed house
to offer 4K bandwidth. I could be wrong, but I won't know until I try, so basically for bitcoin sweepstakes
now I'm assuming I can't).

I've been planning on just going with a TCL R series, either $700 or $1000 depending on 55 or 65. But recently
some friends tried to convince me that OLED is so much better, especially for movies. But I'm on the fence.
I'd probably get the LG C8 series, which runs about 3x more in price.

I know OLED is better. But is it 3x better?

Created: 06/12/2021 20:34:11
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