OxygenOS for the OnePlus Nord Oct 22, 2021

Ygdr4sil , via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx , Oct 27, 2021 :

HoLeetihs said: ↑

Kontrollera varje timme

Det är det han gör 

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Adityayadav16 , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :

When will I receive the update?

Ice Cream Sandwich
SriNord , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :

Joseaarias89 said: ↑

You could look to see if this update has any bug or problem with the Google Pay mobile payment application because since I have updated to this version my oneplus nord does not let me pay with Google Pay some friends of mine who also have it also have problems like saying that if they have rooted the device I hope they release an update soon that fixes this problem thank you very much

Does the GPay app opens for you? No problem for me, all apps are working fine.

Kesavan_Kesavv , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :

Ijam said: ↑

after updated my battery usage drained a bit fast another issues for now 

Yes same also I got sot 4hrs only


Ice Cream Sandwich
SriNord , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :

No notification delay found after then. Seems to be a minor bug after the updated device entered into battery saver and now I'm getting notifications (Whatsapp,etc) on time even if it enters into battery saver. Seems like an overall good update.

Overnight battery drain is the same 5-6% (for 8-9 hours) and overall it offers good battery backup as earlier.
Overall battery drain is also pretty decent.
No heating issues, in fact when I was running benchmarks, the device didn't get heated as it used to be. Thermal temperature is taken care.
FPS counter has been fixed.
Charging time has been improved.
Overall, this is a good update for Nord.

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A3CPF , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :

How to get it manually????

TimeRemnant , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :

I've claimed Red Cable Pro Plan and have obtained the voucher code. On claiming it it's asking to link to the One Plus Care account and on entering the Phone number and the OTP it's displaying error that a servify account to this number already exists.
Can't seem to understand what's going on?
Does anyone have any idea?

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