Weathering course tiles and roof tiles are essential parts of a building's roof. They each have their jobs to do. Knowing the difference between both tiles is crucial so we can build and take care of the roofs properly.

Let's look at what weathering courses and roof tiles do.

Weathering Course:

 A weathering course, or damp proof course (DPC), is a layer of material put into buildings to stop moisture from getting inside. Usually, it goes between different parts of the building, like the walls and the roof. Its main job is to keep water out, which helps prevent dampness, mold and damage to the structure.

Roof Tiles:

Roof tiles are what you see on the top of the roof. They shield the building from the weather and make it look nice. They can be made of clay, concrete, metal, or slate, each with its strengths in terms of lasting long, keeping heat in or out and style. These

tiles are uniquely laid on each other to keep water out and protect the roof.


The Main difference between weather course tiles and roof tiles lies in their function and placement within the roofing system. Weathering courses are hidden layers installed within the structure of the building to prevent moisture ingress, while roof tiles are visible coverings that protect the roof from external elements.

Furthermore, weathering courses are usually made of flexible materials to keep water out, while cool roof tiles are stiff and come in different shapes and styles to meet specific looks and needs.

In Conclusion, weathering courses and roof tiles help make a roof solid and long-lasting. However, they have different jobs and get put in at various times during construction. Understanding these differences is essential for effective roof design, installation and maintenance, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the building structure.

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