Hello Johnni,

Take a look at this video to understand the concepts behind the polygon ma first:

Using the Maps Chart Object - Polygon Map - Part 2 - (video)

In theory. You would have to create the KML floor plan custom using some sort of tools. For example Google SkecthUp - Home | SketchUp - you can create a floor plan and save as KML - which can then be used with Qlik Sense Maps object and the Polygon map approach as in the video. The KML tag that identifies the "locations" on the floor plan would need to have the appropriate data values that matches the corresponding value in your data.

As a reference for other videos:

New to Qlik Sense Videos

On another note - check out Qlik Branch (our developer exchange) - you can collaborate your idea with others and perhaps inspire someone to create it as an extension object - or even better share your ideas.

Hope this puts you in the right direction.

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