Facility Monitoring System | IOT Monitoring System

Kaye LabWatch IoT — Cloud Environmental Monitoring is a complete cloud-based solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring system that detect alarms and alerts personnel.

The LabWatchIoT Cloud-based environmental and facility monitoring system is a complete solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring applications. LabWatch IoT connects to your sites through secure VPN, detects alarm conditions and alerts personnel wherever they are, documents any number of chambers without generating stacks of paper, protects data with secure Cloud storage, and lets you access data easily for analysis.

With the LabWatch IOT Monitoring System, current alarm status and sensor values can easily be retrieved by using any internet browser or smart phone.

Simply log into the secure Cloud service, using your own companies’ linked user name and password, together with Multi Factor Authentication pass codes, and the LabWatch IoT facility monitoring system will giveall monitored area information — conveniently displayed either for browser, or mobile phone Application.

The LabWatch IOT Monitoring System Cloud environmental and facility monitoring system provides the flexibility to generate reports automatically and on demand. By maintaining a secure archive of monitored values from your chambers, the system can readily provide the information you need for internal and regulatory-required documentation.

LabWatch IOT Monitoring System is now available with the Kaye Netpac II and the Kaye RF ValProbe data-collection system for both real-time wired and wireless monitoring. Both style of these facility monitoring systems collect various environmental parameters, but primarily temperature and humidity information and securely transmit them to the Labwatch IOT Monitoring System.

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