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(if the following post is not relevant and/or helpful to you, I apologize.)


Although this reply that I am writing to you is not a direct response to the question that you asked, if you are questioning free antiviruses in general (and if there is a "best,") there is a thread, here, in this sub section of this forum that offers much in great detail about no charge antiviruses, links to them and other pertinent info.


As another user already indicated, windows defender is an option (if using windows 10.) With that said, the decision and the attempts to decide which to use are both subjective. Meaning, there is no right/wrong antivirus per say and not a "best" one. Such topics are opinions.



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Hi I think your intentions were in the best place. The link you posted is 9 years old... from 2011. I know I change mine at least every 5 years. I found this post because as others state Avast has become so intrusive and I am looking to change again. Every time I do change the different companies always score or rate differently in that amount of time. I used AVG way back when, then went to Avast, because AVG was said not to be doing the job it used to. So, if I were to give you any advice, it would be to check the dates on links you post as I am sure you would not want to give inaccurate or irrelevant advice. I know this because you did attempt to help someone and that is always the right thing to do. As I am sure you know, technology is changing at the speed of light! I sincerely hope you take my comments constructively and not be offended, because that was not my intention in any way. Keep posting!!! Peace.

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