Play With Your Nails & Mood And Witness The Color Change In Your Nail Polish


Let your nail polish color change with your mood. Oh! Is it possible? Yes, it is. Mood nail polish is the new favorite of girls and women who love to color their nails. It is a trend among women who like to have adventure even in their nails as their color will change with changing body temperature. The color of mood nail polish also changes with the external environment.  If you go out in the heat or you put your nails in warm water you could see your nails changing color instantly.

It is Science, not Magic!

This magical color-changing nail paint has a science behind it.  Color-changing nail polishes can be better called as thermochromic nail paints. Thermochromic means change in color when something experiences changes in temperature. Thermal nail polish changes color around 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

The reason behind the change in nail polish color is a leuco dye which is present in the thermal polish. A leuco dye has two forms:

  •         Clear
  •         Colored

The changeover between the two colors is totally reversible and can be caused by heat or thermochromism. This change in color can also be experienced when your body temperature changes. If there is any change in the elements around you, you can see the color change in your nails.

Is the color change long-lasting?

No, it is not. The color-changing property of mood nail polish is not permanent. Just like normal nail polishes, thermal nail polishes also have a shelf life which could vary from 6 months to a year which again depends on the quality and brand. 


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