The Raw Material Glycerin Can Be Used To Make Surfactants, Plasticizers, And Solvents

Glycerol is another name for Glycerin. An organic substance comprised of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen is called glycerin. Typically, it is a byproduct of the process used to make biodiesel from vegetable and animal fats. Alcohol and water both make glycerin soluble, while oil does not. It has no smell, no color, is viscous and hygroscopic, freezes into a paste that is sticky and has a high boiling point. Due of these characteristics, glycerin is used in a wide variety of products, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Along with other chemical intermediates, Glycerin can be used as a raw material to create surfactants, plasticizers, and solvents. Some dietary advocates view glycerin as a low-carb sweetener since it has a caloric density similar to table sugar but a lower glycemic index and a different metabolic pathway within the body. In order to increase smoothness, lubrication, and function as a humectant, glycerin is commonly utilized in healthcare, pharmaceutical, and personal care products.

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