A Polyol Sweeteners Can Also Add Bulk To Beverages And Enhance Their Mouthfeel

Contrary to low-calorie sweeteners, which are used sparingly, polyol sweeteners are used in the same quantity as sugar. Polyol Sweeteners are used as sugar substitutes or replacements. In addition to many other things, it supports maintaining good oral health and weight management. Polyol sweeteners can also be used to bulk up foods and beverages and enhance their mouthfeel. As a result, they are frequently utilised in a variety of sweets and confectionery items

 Sugar alcohols known as polyols are naturally occurring in a variety of fruits and vegetables. To maximise the functional advantages of sugar-free chewing gums, candies, ice cream, and fruit spread, Polyol Sweeteners are blended with other sweeteners. They have a low glycemic index (GI) and calorie content, which help with weight management and dental health maintenance without raising blood sugar levels. Additionally, they enhance the texture, add moderate sweetness, volume, and texture of sugar, and control moisture, taste, and sweetness in a variety of food items.

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Created: 24/11/2022 12:54:46
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