hey guys,
everything seems to be working so far.
but i face another thing that is strange to me.

Once i mapped the housenumbers in one street from 1 to 25. OK worked.
Now i look at just this street on my desktop firefox.
Housenumber 1 is just visible in zoomlevel 19 and thats all.
The other housenumbers are visible only in the zoomlevel 17.
An other street i added housenumbers its different. All the housenumbers are visible in level 17, 18, 19

So whats this? Is the display depending on the zoomlevel and how do i adjust it?
I looked at this on the browser with potlatch and there is no difference in the tags.
Did i do something (wrong)?

Created: 20/12/2021 17:48:32
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